Monday, December 22, 2008

A "Warm" Sunday at Church.....

Nate always comes in and helps Myron set up for SS and the services. Because of the buses not running the whole family came in. Ten and I took Reed in the nursery to keep him from running around. It worked pretty well. He is doing really well after his surgery. It has started itching,which is driving him CRAZY !!!
Because of having so few children in the nursery, I was able to go to Mrs. Brown's Sunday School class. I think it was my first time in SS for many years ! I LOVE this lady !!! Please keep her in your prayers. She has had her 2nd chemo treatment and other than a day and a half of weakness, she has been doing great.

After the morning service the Swaffers asked me to take their family pics For those of you that may not know the family, this is Tenille's adopted family. When she became part of this family Rachel ( the one in the back) was 4 mo. old.
We added Dad and Mom

...Even though is was bitterly cold outside !!!! What a great day.

The entire Leppert family sang in the evening service. It was so good.

A couple of very special girls home from college
Reed fell asleep in the evening service. What a sweetheart!
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