Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gearing Up For the Last Play Practice

Last night was the last play practice. I stayed downstairs so Dean could see the play.
So I got some pictures other than the actual play.

The prop crew "tweaked" the first scene just a little more.
It is just so incredible!

The "Power" behind the prop crew!
(Suz drinks Diet Pepsi,but the Dew was close so she just picked it up)
Ten rushed down and "roughed up" the brick in the fire pot for the Herod scene so it would burn better
After play practice Bro. Butch went out to Walmart and found a GREAT deal on winches for the 2nd angel and resurrection scene,
These two were like little boys at Christmas time :O)
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Coffee Bean said...

Love your new background!!!! I didn't see the play at all last night and I didn't realize how much more they had done to that first scene..really made a difference!

Coffee Bean said... the picture of the sugar twins drinking their MD!