Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Forgot....

...To blog Monday night's play practice. It is really taking shape.
Brianna joined the opening scene after showing up in the nursery Sunday in the perfect hat and coat for the scene

Pics of some of the cast that hadn't been able to be at practices until Monday night because they have to drive so far.They did a great job with their parts.

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sarah said...

Great pictures mom, the opening scene looks beautiful. Love the music and the new look :)

Candace said...

Oh, Saundra, thanks so much for taking the pictures of us. My family, who all live very far away, can now see some photos of what I excitedly try to tell them about...our Live Animal Christmas play! :) Kevin's parents are coming to the Saturday 5pm showing. Please pray that their hearts will be open to what they see and hear during the play...they are not saved.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the outfit on Sunday morning and you are right she is perfect!