Monday, December 15, 2008

"Monkey"ing Around :O)

This year's play was the best EVER in MANY ways,
but one of the favorite parts for everyone was the Monkeys.
(While I am on the subject I spoke with the owner and he does NOT own the monkey from "Night at the Museum" as many of us had understood. His friend owns her, but he DOES own the monkey that is on Friends and from the Dr. Dolittle, and Ace Ventura movies.

Phillip Draper

This is the owner's son. Because of needing to be close to the animals during the scenes they got to dress in costumes too !


Even "Mary and Joseph" got to get into the act.

Miss Cheryl (this really surprised me because she is a city girl and is SCARED of animals ! You should have seen her in the barn scene when there was a cock fight ! )

Herod and his wife

Chris Chmeler

Jerimiah Boos

"High Five, Wilson !"

Jonathon Boos gave Toby a cracker

Debbie Van Voltonburg

This little gal is a bus girl from the Ottumwa route and she brought 4 visitors to the Friday night showing and got to get her picture taken with Toby
This is Toby. Saturday night while the backstage crew were unwinding in the prop room we decided to build a pyramid (another post,yet to come) and thought it would be fun to have the monkey at the top. We expected Brian to bring him in and set him on the top, take the picture and leave. NOT the case. He brought him in, set him on Tenille's shoulder, said" have fun!" and left !!!!! AND we did EXACTLY what he said ! We had a ball with Toby as you will see !

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Coffee Bean said...

What happened to my picture??

photozmom said...


Coffee Bean said...

Ok sorry!I found it now!! Good thing you had your picture didn't turn out as well.

Candace said...

Even though I personaly wouldn't be a big fan of holding Toby, it's SO fun to see pics of everyone else having a good time w/him! :)

sarah said...

What cute little monkeys, they look like so much fun!!