Friday, December 5, 2008

Gearing Up For Another Play Practice

Around the church for the last couple of weeks there has been activity, BUT this week has really started the REAL "push"!
Many people are everywhere working like the play is tomorrow, But there is SO much to do that it will be THAT busy and BUSIER with each passing day. The momentum will really hit Wed, and Thurs. next week.Regardless how busy it is during the day.... About 5 P.M. It gets MUCH BUSIER !!!!!

I caught these two having a quick bite to eat before Dianne went to work putting head pieces on and Preacher doing whatever he needed to do. Dianne had her first Chemo on Wed. She was weak and tired Wed night but after a good night's rest, she has felt good. We are all praising God for answered prayer in her behalf ! Please do continue to keep her in your prayers through this time.
Dean is a big help in the prop room!
Freeing me to be upstairs watching for things needing to be changed with props.
Dianne in her place putting on head pieces
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sarah said...

mom, your pictures are looking very nice...just keep up the good work!! :)

Sarah said...

Great picture of Dad and Mom. I enjoyed seeing them!