Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Schaefer's In the Fall

I have known this family for 20 yrs and have watched the kids grown up. It was a lot of fun to "shoot" this bunch! We started inside but didn't take too long before we headed out for some fall color.
Had to stop by the porch swing first though!

We were all a little stiff at first but it didn't take too long once we got outside to start relaxing!

Sweethearts !

Andrew came along to catch the dog when she took off :O)
But we wanted to get a couple of pictures of Mary and Andrew too!
We got several with the leaves...They were just SO pretty!
Thanks, Schaefers! It was a lot of fun !
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Evelyn is a Senior

This young lady is such a joy to know. She always has a smile and she and her family are such a great asset to our Spanish ministry! I had the privilege to get to know her a little better Saturday.

She brought her "bestie" with her to "help her smile" :O)
So glad Alma was able to join us!

Thanks, Evelyn for asking me to take your pictures!
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Myron's 60th Birthday Supper

Blogger and I have been battling the last few days! But I think maybe today I won :O)
Sunday, the 17th was Myron's 60th birthday. Last Friday night Sarah hosted a little birthday supper for our family. She had decided that the "Over the Hill" stuff had been done so much that we needed to be a little more creative. Her daddy is VERY wise and so she took that idea and came up with
"The Wise Old Owl"
Amy Shepherd a friend of ours made these adorable cookies for us which made the theme come to life !

Then she talked everyone in the family and came up with a BUNCH of things that Myron has said ALOT through his life. She wrote the quotes on balloons, and they were tied to owls.....
What a cute idea!!!
Aaron tried to get home from ND, but work interfered so he called his dad!
He was missed VERY much!!!
The birthday boy and his balloons
Dad with two of our three
Such a special night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Morning

Yesterday morning just before we left for church Myron went out to feed the kittens and I wanted to get some pictures.( It is so cute with all 6 of them around his feet. That will be for another post)
I headed out the back door with the camera and THIS is what I saw....
What an incredible fall morning God gave us!

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Baby Aaron 3 mo. Old

Yesterday afternoon I was able to spend some time with one of the sweetest little guys I know!
We had a pretty good time although he wasn't as thrilled with the camera as I had thought! We did get some cute pictures!

He did have his moments ...

but honestly this one IS one of my favorites !!!!

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Coffee HIGH :O)

I have not had a regular coffee for a yr and a half .This past week I started drinking it again and had two days of YUMMY coffee.
It's ALL Paticia's fault !! :O)

Thursday we went to Iowa City together. Then Friday morning we met in Fairfield ( I was running errands and we just HAD to have a coffee break)
Was a special time with a special friend !!!

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