Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lucky In The Fall

It is such a beautiful day today and our leaves are just amazing this year,so decided to try to have a little photo shoot with Lucky. Not alot of variety, but these are a few I got.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

TOO Cute !!

This kitten has stolen our hearts! Most of the time she is outside, but sometimes she comes inside in the evenings to "visit". She is so much fun to watch!!!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall At Our House

Our trees are just beautiful each fall, and this year was no exception! Thought I had better get outside and get these pictures because with the rain and wind we have been having the last few days they are falling FAST !! Hope you all are having a wonderful fall!

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lucky... Myronsavedja

A few days ago Myron saw this wild mother cat and her kittens at the shop where he works. A day or so later he saw this little one all alone and mentioned to me that he would like to catch and tame it so we could have a mouser outside. Yesterday noon Myron brought home this little lifeless kitten. We didn't think it was going to make it. The poor little thing had been outside alone all night and was about half frozen and starved.... Myron brought it home, gave it a little milk and put it right next to the fire. For the next couple of hours I would give it a little milk and put it back in the box..It didn't look like she was improving. About 3 all of a sudden she started crying really loud and I went down by the fire to see her STANDING in her box yelling at the top of her lungs. Sarah was here and we got her out of the box and fed her a little more. She ate REALLY well, then started playing. She has been eating raw meat( Myron said that up at the shop the mother had been feeding her mice and other meat) and drinking milk and just doing great! About 11 last night she settled down with a full tummy and slept until 7 this morning. This morning she has played and is back to sleeping again.
She won't be a house cat! I am allergic to cats... but so far she hasn't bothered me too much... a little sneezing and a little stuffiness.
We are working to bond with her so she'll stay around when we take her outside. She comes when we call her so things are looking good. This afternoon Myron is going to take her outside while he works around .... HOPEFULLY things will continue to go well. Will keep you posted :O)

I had decided to name her "Lucky" then Sarah said her FULL name should be
"Lucky...Myronsavedja" ( I LOVE it)

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Evening with the Courtneys

Last Friday afternoon and evening I went out to the Courtney's to spend some time. It had been YEARS since we had spent much time together, so it was really a wonderful time!
When I arrived I was greeted by Izzy. Isn't she just the cutest !!!
Very much "Mama's dog" !
The twins and Samuel along with a friend built quite the battlefield in the living room.
Mark...Being HIMSELF !!!
The last of 8 adorable puppies ( the rest have been given away)
Betting who was going to win the game of speed scrabble
a "friendly" game ?!?!!?

My "LITTLE" boys that are now TALLER than Aunt Saundra
The girls are catching up to me too !
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Last Week * Thursday*

Last Thursday I went over to Atlantic and spent several hours with Dad Hoffert. Nadine came over and had lunch with us. It is always so nice to spend time with Myron's family.
We are so thankful to Allen House for taking such GREAT care of Myron's Dad!

Dad Hoffert and his girls
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Hometown

In yesterday's post I shared that I spent last week in my hometown. Wed. I was able to spend some time driving around Panora taking pictures. I really enjoyed the time I had...LOTS of memories.
Main Street
One of my favorite houses in Panora. It is rumored ( since I was a little girl) that this house has an elevator in it....STILL don't know if it is true....
Turn of the Century Museum ...The old depot...
The old Milinary (Hat shop)
Town square ( the brick building was my high school gym)
The new Library
The Lake Inn at Lake Panorama
The lobby of the Lake Inn
(how about eating breakfast with this view ?!!?!)
My elementary school building. (K-3rd)
( It is SO sad looking BUT it IS OLD !!!)
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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last week.....

...I spent the week in my hometown of Panora, Iowa with my parents. What a great week! I will be posting other posts for the next few days with pictures of what I did while at my folks. I hope you enjoy seeing my week in review :O)
Each day started with Mom and I going to Curves. Peggy is a good friend of ours and owns Curves. We were both just trying it out. I ended up joining. A really good workout in a short length of time...

This was Mom's favorite machine. It was like milking cows :O)

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