Monday, September 29, 2008

Tenille The CLOWN...Does this Surprise ANYONE??

Tenille was the Cutest Clown I have seen in years,
at our Church Carnival, Sunday morning.
She was really a HIT !!!
Thanks being who you are Ten, You are Great !!
I love Ya !
This little boy came on the bus with her.

Daughter of the lady in the next pic. One of our

MANY dear Spanish families!

Bonita even got in the act !!! So cute !

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Clownin' Around

Nate came out to the carnival after he finished ushering and was
ATTACKED by a clown !
They were such cute pictures I HAD to share them!

She GOT him!

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Clownin' Around !! AGAIN !

These CRAZY ladies decided to go down the slide...
Be sure to check out the expressions! ( esp. MJ!)

Ten and Mary Jane had "slideburn"

Poor little clown!

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

First Signs of Fall at the Hoffert House

We have one tree that always starts turning before any of the others.
As you can see, we are starting to enjoy the fall colors
at our house.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Chocolate Cafe ( part of the last post)

If I were writing this I would have put COFFEE in there
some where !!! :O)

These pictures were to be on the last post and somehow

didn't make it.

On my very strict Candida diet I can't have ANY chocolate,

so this was a little difficult seeing

All this WONDERFUL chocolate,

but it was fun to just look and smell !

Sept. Red Hat Event

Saturday 5 of us Red Hat Mamas went to the French
Resturant in Fairfield for lunch. We had such a nice time

Then we walked a block or so down to the
Chocolate Cafe!!
Check out the size of those two strawberrys!

They had several pretty molded chocolates
even discusting MICE look pretty good,
IF they are CHOCOLATE !!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Last day with Stella (this week)

Today was my last day this week keeping Stella.
I have enjoyed her so much this week.
I will really miss seeing her every day. She is such a joy !
Her and her FEET !!!

My Last day with Stella(this week) cont.

Here is a new"foot" toy that she was given yesterday.

With her loving her feet,like she does,

she can really get things moving !

Happy baby Stella

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boys Just DON'T Know What to Do in the Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago in the nursery Sunday morning
Travis and Jonathon took over the little kitchen.
Leave it to boys to Climb into the OVEN !!
What a couple of cuties.... They keep the nursery
Staff on our toes!

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Sweet Feet

These are such special little feet. Ever since she was born
her mommy keeps trying to eat them.
They are such pretty little feet,
I just couldn't resist taking these pictures.

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