Saturday, September 18, 2010

10 Weeks Old

The kittens were 10 weeks old Tues. They are really growing and are so much fun to watch.
The other day I went out and took a few pictures.

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Fall is starting to Arrive at Our House

The last few days fall has really started to arrive at our house.
Today I went out to take some pictures. So pretty!

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh, "DEER" !!

I was sitting on the couch and looked out the window to the South part of our property and LOOK what I saw!
There were two young bucks and a doe.... I have only seen them that close one time.... It REALLY surprised me!!!

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Old Threshers Reunion

Today, Nate and I went to Old Thresher's. It was fun to be with Nate and see a different area than I usually go to when I am by myself. I get in a rut and go see the same areas each yr.
Nate really liked this John Deere. It was a'64 I think. Really sharp!
This is a favorite... This is the biggest steam engine there ( I think)

VERY unusual !!

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Lunch with the Fickes

Tuesday I went in to the Old Thresher's campground to have lunch with the Fickes, our friends from Nebraska.
It's always so good to spend our 10 days together with them in the area.

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