Saturday, December 20, 2008

Red Hat Christmas

Today was our Red Hat Christmas.
This yr. Deb hosted it and it was so nice but a small group.
The weather and sickness kept people away
and we sure missed those that couldn't make it. Because of some not being able to be there, we were not all able to open Christmas gifts, so those of us that had gifts from those that were there opened ours.

The candle does NOT smell like tomato soup :O)
Jerry had coffee with Jim before they headed back to Riverside. They were concerned about the weather getting worse.
Janice and her necklace ...
Janice shared with Kay
Fern fixed a wonderful fruit salad

Such a pretty table

Deb had the cutest snowman enjoying his Campbell's soup
( Campbells is her theme in her kitchen)

beautiful centerpiece

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