Thursday, October 30, 2014

January-March Ryan's Basketball

Winter brought MABC basketball and Ryan was a VERY tall 8th grader! I was able to go to a couple of his games and then in March was the Tournament. Couldn't leave the bleachers!!! 
He and his team are really doing well..... With them in their second year of play one wonders how 
good they will be when it's their last yr.! 

WHERE Has the Time Gone????????

How can life go on and someone that blogged almost every day for years, let a great year, with lots of special things happening,  go by and not blog......
Well that's what my year has been..... 
I have been contemplating posting for over a week but didn't know where to start 
SOOOOO here goes..... and I will be recapping the past year in the next little while. Will try to put dates on the post so you know when they happened.... Maybe by the first of the year I can get caught up !!