Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Prop Crew "Gets" Bro. Joe Again !

Sunday night after the service the prop crew wanted to meet with Bro Joe in his office.They had saved ALL of the confetti from ALL the showings. They had dumped it all on and under his desk and on his chair. Joe loved it and decided to pose for me. SO we had some fun by throwing the confetti on him .

What a mess! But just so you know, the prop crew was cleaning it up when I left the room, so a VERY tired Joe could take his wife and go home. The grand finale of a great play weekend !!!!!
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Anonymous said...

Great! Looks like fun.
What a great team of workers.

Candace said...

What a mess! LOL! :)

tiff said...

oh my goodness! we worked so hard to clean that up after every service and then just to dump it all out again?!?! wow.... cool...

i'll be back to the blogging world sometime soon i hope!