Friday, August 26, 2011

My Favorite Radio Station !!!!

North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, Ca. is an amazing church with Golden State Baptist College ( Our church has several students attending there)About a yr. ago they started a radio station and it is on at our house almost all day, EVERY day at our house. I can't say enough about this wonderful radio station. I am So thankful to the church for having a vision to carry an online radio station for those of us that can't get OUR kind of Christian radio locally! Thank you, Dr. Trieber and North Valley! The Radio Station is KNVBC . I hope you will give it a "listen". I REALLY believe you will enjoy it!!!!!!!!!


I looked back in my posts and it has been awhile since I have put some pictures on of my babies.
They are 3 months now and just as cute as they can be.

I LOVE the "eyeliner" that God put on "Bear"

I have taught them to pose :O)

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

MORE "Birthday Lovin' "

Tuesday and Wednesday were really special days for me!
Tues. Nate and the boys took me to Carlos O Kellys for a late lunch, then I headed out to Sarah's for the night.... We put in a movie, had popcorn and edited pictures on our laptops.
THAT'S our kind of hanging out :O)
Then After coffee and an "egg in the hole" breakfast we headed to Iowa City ...
Shopped a little, Coffee break....... more shopping..... Lunch..... a visit with some adopted relatives, MORE coffee and back home....
I LOVE my time with my kid's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reed and Grandma enjoying chips and salsa !

Nate and Ryan waiting for their FOOD ( they had their share of chips too :O) )
My lunch
Full tummy.... time for a nap on the way home :O)

Wed. Lunch with my girl !
Chipotle is one of Sarah's favorites...
I had never been there BUT WILL AGAIN !
Look at that yummy lunch !
Thanks, Kids for the memorable birthday dates !!!
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another Birthday

Yesterday I had another birthday. It was a pretty quiet day BUT Debbie came over for coffee. She brought birthday muffins to go with our coffee.
What a sweet friend.
Had a fun little visit:O)

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Day Out

Debbie's birthday was the end of June and mine was coming up SO we decided to have a "Birthday, Day OUT"!
Friday we went to Iowa City to Hu Hot. (one of our FAVORITES!)

THEN went to DQ for a BLIZZARD!
Just spent the day enjoying each other's company
God has blessed me with SO many precious friends!!!
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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Have you EVER....

...Seen a happier, more perfect couple?????
Yes, My "Wilma-Friend" got married last Friday night!
The sad part was..... I was SICK !!! I didn't even get to go!!!
I was supposed to take the pictures but my DEAR daughter Sarah took the pictures and I did the editing, from the couch!
(for those of you that KNOW Sarah does NOT do weddings, she told me this was my ONE favor !!! NO MORE !!!!)
But I can tell by looking at the photos that it was a VERY PRECIOUS wedding !

Dave's youngest daughter was Matron of honor

Dave's son, Bill was Best Man

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