Saturday, November 29, 2008

Washington's Christmas Parade

Last night was Washington's Annual Christmas Parade. Our church always has a part to promote the Christmas play. Myron and I met up with Ten and the boys and Beth and her boys. It was pretty chilly BUT I remember years a LOT colder ! It was a lot of fun!

Myron stayed pretty close to the building
Cal getting ready to ride on the float
Jerry was back and was able to be one of the Wisemen

Jon and Tiff are Mary and Joseph again this yr.
We are so glad because they did SUCH an amazing job last yr.
This is the first yr. for the Chafas to be involved.
We are so glad that they were finally able to move here.
Passing out fliers

This monkey is a movie star.
He was in Dr. Doolittle and his brother is Dexter from
Night in the Museum! What a cutie!
We have Camels this yr .They were a big hit last night !

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Happy Anniversary !

Yesterday was my parent's 56th wedding anniversary.It is always close to Thanksgiving and even sometimes ON Thanksgiving. This year was kinda special because they got married the day after Thanksgiving just like this yr. They had a terrible snow storm the yr they got married and didn't get to have a rehearsal. Several of their wedding guests didn't make it. Even the bride's grandmother..... I was able to be with the most of the day yesterday so enjoyed just being with them as they reminisced about when they got married. These two are SO special to me and what an example for ANYONE that knows them! Love you guys !

Thanksgiving Day Fun

Thanksgiving is at my folk's every year with my mom's sister and her family.There were around 25 of us for dinner then 6 others came to just have fun in the afternoon and evening after they had been at other dinners. It is always such fun to be with family. I am SOOO Thankful to the Lord for all he has given me.
For more pictures of the day,check out
Mark makes his annual run to Casey's to get the paper with all the ads in it

Coffee and the ads. What a good way to start the day...

A week ago the folks got 4 " of snow .
The boys just had to go out and shovel.
Mark has been using a turkey fryer the last several yrs.
It is SOOOO good !
This is the "guys" gathering place
These ladies are invited to come every yr. One is Mom's cousin and one is an adopted Grandma.The lady in blue is a friend that was with Grandma Velma this yr.
So glad that they can join us.
Games are ALWAYS a big part of our Thanksgiving Day tradition
The Charters brought a train set and look who is playing with it...
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Thanksgiving Day Fun Continues

This is our annual "party crasher" ! This is a cousin from my dad's side of the family,and for the last 10 yrs or so she and her son come on their way home from her family's Thanksgiving early in the evening and stay to almost "close down"our party! We love it. It is our catching up time of the yr.

This the Rita's son Michael. he is a Senior at Valley and just won the 4 A football championship a week ago. What an exciting time for him. Again, Congrats, Michael!
These two other young ladies are Rita's sis and her daughter,
they came along this yr and we were so glad they did.

Can anyone tell one thing Rita and I have in common??????
Mother and Daughter....

Alright...Get your glasses out.....This IS what you THINK you are seeing!!!
I think this has only happened 3 or 4 times EVER, But see what he is playing
That says it all ... NASCAR !

Intense, huh?!?!?
This is an annual event that I look forward to more than I can tell you.
This is my cousin and he has the touch !!!!
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Thanksgiving Tradition.....Wed. Night

Our traditional Thanksgiving at the Moore house starts on Wed. night. As many as are able to get to my folks in time to go to church. Then after church we pick up a couple of pizzas and the party begins. Ususally all the beds are full and many sleep on the floor. This yr Nate and Ten were the only ones who arrived in time to go to church with GG and GPa. The rest of us got there as they were getting home from church. This year it was just Mark, MaryLynn and Ben, Nate, Ten and the boys, and Myron and I that spent the night.It was a great beginning of a wonderful Thanksgiving .

Sorry for the dirty windshield but had to show you the pretty sky
as we were driving on the NEW fairfield bypass!
The speed limit was 65 from our door step to Grimes. Only 2 3/4 hours now !!! WHOO HOOOO !

My folk's neighbors own a flower shop in Panora. We are NOT 100 % sure ( there was no card) but they are getting the credit for dropping off these beautiful flowers that were found in the breeze way when we got there Wed. night. They smelled so good.
Casey's is about our favorite when we are in Panora
Digging in....
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Monday, November 24, 2008

A Few Faces of the Horn of Plenty Sunday

Here are just a few faces from Horn of Plenty Sunday.
To see all my pictures and MANY other family pictures
check out my website

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Horn Of Plenty

Yesterday was our Annual Horn of Plenty service at church. It was absolutely beautiful (as usual). It really causes you to stop and realize how blessed we truly are ! The fragrance of the Fruits and vegetables is indescribable,and the pictures really don't do it justice.

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