Monday, December 27, 2010

December Morning In Iowa

This morning was absolutely beautiful in our area. The fog had frozen on everything and clung to it as the sun started peaking out about noon. I went out and shot a few pictures and just had to post them for you to see.... Esp. if you don't live in the area that has this kind of winter!

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Sarah Leone's Baby Shower

Last night was a special treat for the ladies of our church. Sarah ( Brown) Leone is expecting her first baby and was home for Christmas. Her sisters and Sisters in law gave her a baby shower after the evening service. It was SO much fun to "shower" this precious young lady with lots of gift and LOTS of LOVE !!!
Four out of the five sisters ( We missed you, Rachel!)
Adding the sisters in law
Then the adorable neice and nephews
The punch was a hit!
Cute little cupcakes
She received SO many nice things.... He will be the best dressed kid in NC :O)
handmade blanket
Congratulations, Sarah ( and Mark) we are SO excited for you as you begin this new chapter of your life!
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Saturday, December 25, 2010


My dad is always ready to have some fun ! When they arrived at my house, Thursday... He was carrying stuff in from the van and I grabbed my santa hat and he put it on... was SO cute !

" I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" !

So glad after 58 yrs they still LOVE each other !
What a wonderful example they are to us !

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Aaron and Landon

When Preacher got ready to come into the service on Wed. night there was just a little bit of an interruption ......
THIS is what he saw !!! Two of his grandsons in his chair !

ALREADY practicing to be a songleader like his dad!

Had to have a little photo op :O)

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Time at the Frier Home

I don't even know what to say about this couple OR their home! We have known these precious people for over 20 yrs. They live in a beautiful home in Washington and they LOVE to entertain..... Family and friends a like! Christmas is the most special time of the year for the Friers! I have NEVER in my life seen a home any more decorated or with any more love and thought going into it... They LOVE it, and love sharing it with those they love.... After church Sunday night we were invited to a lovely sit down dinner with a couple of other couples. We had such a great time!

Last night I had to go back over to take them something, and when I did I HAD to take some more pictures..... It was fun to get the "grand tour" from room to room. I KNOW that I missed so much detail but just had to share what I did see. Hope you enjoy these photos.... Also for those who have been in this home at Christmas time I am sure it will take you back.....

Thanks, Jim and Pris for being who you are and sharing your lovely home with SO many through the years !

(remember to make the pictures larger you can just click on the picture)

The doll tree and toys


She told me last night that she will have the grandkids count the Nativities around the house...... a hint.....there are a LOT of them !!!!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

An Unusual Family Picture !!

These are some DEAR friends that are members of our church . They were in the Christmas play a couple of weeks ago and they grabbed me ( and my camera) for a quick shot before changing....
I decided to play around with the picture and LOVED the results....thought I would share it today!
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Baby Dedication

Yesterday was a special day for this SPECIAL family! This family has been members of the Spanish church for over four yrs. We have watched their little family grow and their oldest son,Angel has gone clear through the nursery and "graduated" :O(
Little Daniel finally arrived and we are so thrilled to watch him grow up.
During the service yesterday afternoon little Daniel was dedicated to the Lord. This DOESN'T mean he is saved and going to Heaven.... It means that his parents have committed to raise him to love and serve the Lord.
Congratulations....We love you!

This is also the sweet lady that made THESE
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Nana's Little "Helper"

During the 5 showings of the Christmas play each yr. I take THOUSANDS of pictures, to ensure the right lighting and I just want to make sure that I get the best pictures I can for the church website. SO while MANY others are cleaning up and putting away from the play, I spend the afternoon in the nursery with my laptop editing pictures. If there are parents that have babies that need to sleep I offer to be in the nursery and listen for their little ones while they are working. Bro. Joe and Charity were helping so I had the privilege of keeping little Aaron. He woke up and played happily for quite a while, then started to get a little fussy. I put him in the chair with me and he was SO good. I think he liked watching all the bright colors.... WE got a LOT done !!!
Thank you, Aaron !!!

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