Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Making Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

Monday I read on a friend's blog that she had made homemade sidewalk chalk and thought that sounded like a great project for the boys and me to do while they are here. We ran to town and got the supplies and came home ready to have a lot of fun .... WELL... it didn't start out to be QUITE as much fun.... in fact... it was not working at ALL ! The recipe I was following ( NOT
my friend's, she didn't have a recipe on her blog,so I looked one up online)
called for WAY too much plaster of paris for the amount of water and said to use warm water ( found out later that COLD water is what you need to use). Either I did something wrong or plaster of paris can be diferent! ( HERS was REALLY nice!!)
The THIRD batch we were finally able to use. It still was WAY thicker than is should have been and had to "glob" it into the tubes rather than pouring it as the directions said.
They worked but I was disappointed that they didn't "LOOK" right.
I talked to my mom the next day and she told me that when she had worked with plaster of paris they used milk cartons and shook it to mix it... I tried the cold water and used a lg juice bottle and "shook" away!!
I also cut down the amount of plaster of paris and it made SUCH a difference!
Also, the first ones we made I left in the molds for 24 hrs ( as I was instructed)When I did that the wax paper stuck in the cracks when it became hard. Then after watching a Youtube on making sidewalk chalk I decided to just let it set for and hour THEN take the mold off and let it finish drying. IT was wonderful... I think I have it figured out now! It was FUN after all !!!
Silly Reed
Cutting the duct tape to cover the bottom
Reed taped them down
First batch we had to throw out

THIRD batch that we "globbed" into the molds

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Fun With Sidewalk Chalk

The first ones
The last one I made shaking it in the bottle

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

I'm a little behind on blogging here. I have put pictures on Facebook, and on the 90 Day Photography Project Blog, but have neglected this one. Will try to catch you up in case you aren't on FB or haven't been checking out the 90 Day Blog.

We had a wonderful weekend a week ago... Saturday evening we went to Myron's sister and bro. in laws for the night.
When we got there we were greeted by Nadine pitting her cherries.

After church on Sunday morning we went to Allen House to eat lunch with Myron's dad and visited with him most of the afternoon.

This is the view from the hallway outside Dad's room. It was just to pretty I HAD to take a picture.

Sunday night we drove to Guthrie Center to "surprise" my dad . We met them at church then afterwards went home and spent the night with them. Monday morning we had breakfast with them and headed home.... What a special Father's Day... Don't know WHEN we have spent Father's Day with EITHER of them.... Let alone BOTH !!!! We are so thankful for our godly heritage !!!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Skunk River Floods YET AGAIN !!!

With all the rain we have had the last few weeks, the Skunk river is out of it's banks again!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Anniversary Date

Yesterday was our 37th wedding anniversary. Last night we went down to Burlington and sat along the river for an hour or so then went for a little walk. It was so relaxing! I LOVE water!! So much fun to just be together! We even shut our phones off :O) It was GREAT !!

Flowers along the walk
Topped off the evening with dinner at Ryan's

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day '10

Memorial Day is the traditional " Taylor" family get together. This year several were missed ! Aunt Norva ( my mother's sister) just had a kidney transplant last week, so Uncle Larry and some of the other family stayed close for her. Some of our family had other obligations and Zach had to work.... We missed all of you!! Hope you will be able to join us next yr.
My favorite cook :O)
Ryan and Reed playing a game
Nieces and Nephews waiting patiently for time to eat
Daddy always "mans" his grill
My cousin, David and his family
Mmmmmmm !! SO GOOD !!!
Family gathering for prayer, Thank you Lord, for a family that loves YOU!