Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sunday Night Service

Sunday night, as always is such a special service,with testimonies,and special behind the scenes stories. This year the prop crew surprised Br. Joe. During the last play he told the prop crew that he didn't think we needed a SWAT team catching one or two chickens at the end of the barn and manger scene. SO they decided to "fix" him Sunday night. When he got up to give announcements, Myron shut off the auditorium lights, the spot light came on, Calvin "rushed" the pulpit with two chickens and the "SWAT"team ran in from every corner of the auditorium to first CHASE the chicken then CATCH it. It was GREAT. It totally shocked Joe! So much fun !!!

See the chicken on the pulpit?
Steven grabs one of the chickens
Bro. Joe trys to compose himself
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