Friday, June 7, 2013

Kitty Math continues !!!

   Everything stayed the same until yesterday afternoon.... Then the guy that mows for us came and started right around the front porch...WHERE the kittens were.....they scattered!!! I couldn't get to them fast enough to get them all gathered into the tote and into the house..... I managed to get all but ONE ( one of mama's)......:O(  Myron and I both hunted and couldn't find it anywhere.....went to bed last night still missing one...... got up the morning and there were SEVEN !!!! YEP !!! Mama had found the one....AND brought another one up....NO pictures at this point. NOW .....then next question remains to be seen.....Is there still an 8th it still alive....will Mama bring it up eventually?????? Stay tuned !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

A LONG...CONFUSING "Kitty" Story!

I hardly even know where to start but I guess maybe about a month ago  would be about right.
Our 4 yr old Mama cat came up to the house and we could tell she had had her kittens. She is the absolute worst at hiding them for a couple of months then bringing them up to us TOTALLY WILD. She is not wild at all but every year she does the same thing SO we never really have any "pet" kittens.
( The pets we have Puff and Bobbi Hopper were given to us)
So fast forward a little....Myron tried to figure out where they were and had found them....then she moved them....

About 10 days ago we got a call from a co-worker of Myron's....
They had a mother cat that had had 7 kittens, and about five days before he called the mama had gone missing....three of the little ones didn't make it and did we want to TRY to care for these last four??
They showed up that afternoon and they were about a month old ( about the same age at OUR mama's kittens)

It became quite a challenge as they didn't know how to eat solids and they were being fed by syringe.
We "muddled" through!! They started eating solids pretty quickly but didn't know how to clean themselves and they were SO messy! They just crawled through the food as they ate and it literally from one end of them to the other when they were finished.We have them in a HUGE tote and keep them outside with the tote on it's side during the day and at night we bring them (in the tote) into the house.

Mama and Bobbi Hopper had put up with them but not really got to excited about them.
 About 5 days ago, I put one up by Mama's face and she started licking it!! Hummmmmm.....
Yep....within a couple of days she was cleaning them pretty good. ... AND she also started nursing them within 24 hrs.!!!! Then she carried one off by itself....
It had been gone a couple of days and we thought it was out in the garage but hadn't found it yet.....

NOW.....back to Mama's kittens.....  Saturday night I heard a "baby kitty" crying so I stepped out on the porch ( at 2 A.M.) and there was a little gray kitten. I started towards it and it hissed at me and I wasn't in the mood to get scratched so thought "it's up to Mama". Sunday morning I told Myron about it and he went out and the baby was still there. He was able to pick it up and brought it in to me.... It hissed but didn't act aggressive. .......
Myron went on to church and left the kitten with the other kittens....
Mid afternoon on Sunday I hear another kitty crying out by the garage....YEP !!! The one of the orphans Mama had carried off. It was SOOOO clean and fluffy. I carried it back out to the front and put it with the rest.....
Myron got home Sunday night and I asked him to count and see how many were out there ( I wanted him to be surprised that the other kitten was back)  Well....I GOT the surprise.... he said that there were SIX kittens out there...... YES....Mama had brought up another of HER kittens to join the family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Sunday night when it came time to bring the tote of kittens in we put all six in the tote...they are getting along GREAT!
Today is Monday...... everything is the same..... no changes in numbers or locations....for today anyway !!!!

Can you understand ANY of this crazy story??????????????????????????
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A Special Visit !

Since my surgery, almost four weeks ago, I have been pretty much recovering at home. I have only gone to therapy and so I have REALLY missed my church family.
Saturday some friends were playing for a wedding down our way so the girls decided to leave early and come visit with me. What a special time. They were even willing to "practice" one more time in front of me so I could enjoy their pretty music!
Thanks for the visit, girls! I love you both!
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