Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Sunday Evening Service

Sunday was another great day! Great preaching,music and fellowship! Lots of visitors as ususal, several participating in the evening service.

Jimmy Belisle played the prelude

Kevin Hanna was home from Tenn. and Wilson home from college in Calif.were in their places singing in the choir

Lisa and Anna Lackendar home from college in Michigan
Tyler home from College in Calif. played offeritory with Michael
Ted Butler sang "The Half Cannot Be Told"
( I LOVE how he sings that song !!!)

And a quick photo shoot after the service for the Belisles.
So glad to have everyone home for Christmas !

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Candace said...

Wonderful service, as always...the Hanna's certainly did enjoy it!

Hannah Butler said...

This was definitely a good service! It was a blessing to our family!