Friday, December 4, 2009

My New Little Buddy !!!

This little guy is my new buddy! I have never had an ipod before and a week ago my dear friend, Wilma surprised me with this ipod shuffle! I was so excited I cried ! She told me that her sister said that they should "outlaw" these because whenever someone gets one they CRY...(Wilma's sister gave her one last yr for Christmas and SHE cried too!)
I can play several hundred songs ( I think I have 5 hours worth on it now and it's less than half full!)
I just had to share and to say a special
"Thank you" to my "Wilma Friend"! I Love it !!

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Hiatt's Happenings said...

Enjoy! I know that I love mine. I will get much more use of it when the nicer weather when I can get out walking. It was just to busy a fall for me to get much walking in and I can hardly wait.....PW