Tuesday, December 22, 2009

She's Growing !!

Lucky is really growing ! She is about 4 months old now. We still are really enjoying her, but there have been a few little issues.... MAINLY that she wants to bite a lot! She absolutely HATES being brushed but because of her coat she NEEDS brushing regularly. She bites and scratches the whole time I am brushing her so I have started wearing gloves. That helps a lot, BUT after brushing she is in a REALLY BAD mood and every time she gets close to us she BITES !!!! It is trial and error.... If ANYONE has advice we are open for ANY ideas. She is still mostly outside but comes in a couple times a day for a "visit". These were taken today.
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. sarah . said...

Aw, she is growing! And so pretty. Sorry she's a little pill sometimes.

Candace said...

She is such a pretty cat.
You could try getting a scratching post, she might take some of her "bad mood" out on it. Maybe trim her nails too. :)