Monday, December 7, 2009

A VERY Special Service !!!

Our Pastor's wife is dealing with a very serious brain cancer. Most of you know that and have been praying for her and her family. Thank you so much and as you can see from these pictures, God is answering! Who would have ever guessed that after the week she last last week , that she would be in church last night !!! She is very weak but not in any pain. We are SO thankful that she was able to be there. It's just not the same without her!

She got a standing ovation when she came off the elevator !!!
She stood for several minutes and gave the sweetest testimony
Several of us had to get our pictures taken with our Hero, a TRUE Proverbs 31 LADY !!
What an example she is to us !!!
Here are just a couple with ones I KNOW check my blog :O)

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Candace said...

Kevin and I SO enjoyed looking at ALL ur pictures on smugmug that you took Sunday evening! As always, I'm filled w/such admiration when I see Mrs. Brown! These pictures mean SO much to us who didn't have the privilege to be a MABC last night...thank you, Saundra!

Porters said...

I also enjoyed looking through the photos, as I thought it would be really neat to come down to that service, but it's not always workable for us. So the pictures were wonderful to look through!
Thanks Mrs. Hoffert!