Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Moore Christmas "09 IN '10

We had our Moore Christmas on New Years Day SO... It was the Christmas of '09 but had it in '10 !
We had a fun afternoon and evening at our daughter Sarah's.We hated that her husband Steve wasn't there but he had to be out of town. We also missed Zach and Andrew because Andrew had the flu. Zach stayed with him to allow Beth to come enjoy the family get together.

Do you ever feel like you take too many pictures?? It is a common problem for me! I HAVE to tell a story !
Who was there...
What we did...
AND most of all the fun shots showing interaction of people that love one another!
In order to do that you HAVE to take a LOT of pictures... Then it comes time to blog.....
Which pictures do I use to "Tell the story"..... sometimes it's overwhelming and yet I LOVE the pictures.
SO... THAT is the reason I use so many collages.... I hope you don't get tired of them...
Here are the collages that pretty much tell our story from New Year's Day.
(Again... Don't forget that you can click on the photo to make it larger )

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Candace said...

Good choice of pictures! What a great way to bring in '10! :)