Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day '09

Christmas Day was very "layed back". Got up leisurely, had breakfast, watched movies, played games then had a late lunch and Nate, Ten and the boys left. Such a nice time !!!
When the boys arrived they gave me VERY special Christmas gifts. Made with their own little hands !
Ryan built this martin house for me because he knows I LOVE birds:O)
Reed made me this special little Christmas tree that is now hanging over our kitchen table.
Reed "working out" while watching the Sugar Creek Gang
Figuring out the new game Monopoly Deal that we got Ten
Fun "frustrating" game !!!
Not sure Nate was going to get to go home with his wife after THAT game !
(After the 2nd game I wasn't sure I would let him stay HERE, either !!!)

After the game we sat down and watched "UP". Cute movie!
Ten had seen the movie so she took her book down by the fire. They have a very cold house so they ALL enjoyed the "warm" atmosphere of our home :O)
We had a wonderful Christmas.... Trust everyone else did too :O)
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Candace said...

Looks like a success!
Happy New Year! :)

Sis said...

Enjoy seeing all the pics of people that actually had a Christmas. We played "survivor," and while the outcome was questionable a couple times -- won. Before this ice gets off, we expect there will be other levels, but we hope to make it through those times too. Great pictures! (c: