Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Evening at the Charter's

Last night the folks and I went to my cousin's for the evening. I am SO PROUD of David. He has built this addition onto their mobile home. He has been very diligent! He has worked on this very steady for 10 YEARS! He has used old telephone poles and cut them into boards for a lot of the lumber.He and my uncle have done all the work themselves except for things like the carpeting. Though it was a LONG TIME coming, They have an absolutely beautiful room with a loft.

He set the rocks into the fireplace himself, too.
All the beams and the supports are still the rustic poles.
They were in it to celebrate Christmas! What a Christmas present!
I am so happy for them, they are enjoying it so much!
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. sarah . said...

Wow, David did an awesome job!!