Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy 95th Birthday !!!

Today is my father in law's 95th Birthday!
Happy Birthday, Dad!!
I can't even imagine all the changes he has seen in his lifetime. Some good, some NOT so good.
His mind is still very sharp and we all enjoy hearing the stories he shares about his life and his memories.
I praise God for the father that taught my husband how to love our Lord, Work hard, Do right
and provide for his family.

This is the youngest picture we could find .
This is His oldest sister Ruth, and oldest brother John,
and Dad is in the middle.

This was back when Myron, Nadine and I took the grandkids out to the farm.
This is "Old Blue", the truck Grandpa sold to Aaron.

Grandpa enjoying his family at Christmas

He has owned and ridden Harley's through his life.
He can really tell some stories about motorcyle trips he has taken.

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SIS said...

Looks like you had a profitable day doing pictures! It copied perfectly, and I will share it with him tomorrow when I go see him.

Candace said...

Great birthday post, Saundra!

Photozgran said...

Great pictures. It is special to think how long we have known Amos.I'm sure he will be pleased with your pictures.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! What a blessing to have for a heritage. I can see Myron in his dad..