Saturday, April 25, 2009


Thursday and Friday was our annual "Our Time" Youth Conference. We are praising God for blessing us in so many ways.There were between 400-500 in attendance from 11 different states. We had six young preaches and three singers that are all under 30 yrs. old. They believe that it is THEIR time to step up to the plate and SERVE God as the majority of our preachers and missionaries are getting older. They are praying for young people answer the God's call on their lives,as young Samuel did" Here am I ,Lord". This year we honored our military and our great land of America. Several videos were played of our soldiers both past and present sharing how their faith in God helped them to make it through the hard times as they were fighting for our freedoms. There were many decisions made and at least 4 accepted Christ as their personal Saviour.
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Nicole said...

Good times!

A Moment In Time said...

PTL about the souls saved. Our Pastor is preaching prophecy at our church. I always love to know more of this. We are living in exciting times!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to be able to attend. To see how GOD answered all our prayers. Everything was truly a blessing from GOD. What an amazing thing to have been able to be a part of. Only eternity will show all the decisions for Christ and how GOD uses them.