Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day '11

Anyone that has read this blog for more than a year knows my mom's side of the family always has a big get together twice a yr. Thanksgiving and Memorial Day.
Thanksgiving is always at my folk's and then since we have so many coming from SE Iowa now, we have had Memorial Day down here for several yrs. This year Myron and I hosted the day.
We had 23 attending and the weather was great. It was pretty windy so most of us ate inside but the breeze kept it very comfortable with the temp in the high 80's. This year My cousin David's daughter has started playing clarinet so we were serenaded while we were eating.

This yr we had a special event in the afternoon. My only nephew, Ben is getting married in 25 days, so we had a family bridal shower for his sweet, bride to be, Cayla.
Sarah was in charge of the shower and Tenille and I took care of the food. We decorated with wedding pictures of the Grandparents, Great Grandparents and even one photo of one of GREAT, great Grandparents. It was such a nice time, very informal....and IF you look close you can see we had an eavesdropper in the living rm.... Ben interjected a few comments here and there ...AND was the object of a little teasing too !
(Remember to click on the picture to make it larger to see more details of our time together)
Hope you all had a great Memorial Day!
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