Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Homemade Hand Lotion

Wilma gave me this hand lotion about a yr ago and I LOVE it !
You can use it on any age and it REALLY helps dry skin problems. I use it on my psoriasis.
I lost the recipe she gave me so looked it up online.
Everything can be purchased at Wal mart. You can get by with the Equate baby lotion
BUT you MUST use the Vaseline Brand Vaseline.( It blends MUCH better)
27 oz bottle of baby lotion
2 tubes ( they come together) vitamin E
HALF of a 13 oz container of Vaseline
dump into a medium mixing bowl
( a little hint, to get ALL the baby lotion out of the bottle, after getting all you can out of the bottle, microwave the bottle in 10 second increments for 20 to 30 seconds)
with a mixer, whip for about a minute or until mixed real well.
put into clean containers.
These two big ones are marshmallow cream containers

Enjoy !!!
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Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this Nana!!!!

mookzmom said...

I recently got this same recipe from a friend of mine. I gave some to everyone for Christmas, and got rave reviews! Glad to see you posted photos of the ingredients, as I was having trouble telling people about what to look for at Walmart. The vitamin E cream is only found there, far as I know. (I've looked at many drug stores and can't find it!) I have made other batches adding in vitamin E OIL, and I've also substituted the Equate brand of Aquaphor ointment for the vasoline, but the original recipe remains the best!

Anonymous said...

Love this]]p] P, cream! Get requests for it every Christmas. Posting to say here in Cambridge, Ohio the Vit E cream is also in our Dollar General Store & Family Dollar Store !! Keep posting such good things I can pass on!! Thanks from Sandi in Ohio