Saturday, May 7, 2011

Garage Sale

As I posted last night... Wilma had a garage sale this weekend. It was New London's city wide garage sale.Yesterday some of us had sales but today almost EVERYONE did !!!Both days the weather was PERFECT !! 78 Degrees, sunshine and a light breeze!
We opened the doors about 7:30 and there were people streaming in little by little until about 10. We were on the North side of town and the main entrances into town was on the South SO it took people quite a while to get to us BUT when they did.... It was pretty heavy traffic. People coming and going constantly for a couple of hours. People are CRAZY! right in front of Wilma's house cars were parked on the EDGE of the street on BOTH sides, and cars would INCH their way between them barely missing mirrors and sides of the cars!!! I didn't get a picture but the "shot of the day" (that I missed!!!) was a pick up LOADED clear full going down the street a block from us.... SOMEONE had a GREAT day of shopping!

Notice the RED faces! We got our first real sun of the yr!

Our littlest shopper

Wilma did an AMAZING job organizing.... we are ALREADY looking forward to a fall sale!
( HOW MANY people say THAT after finishing a big two day sale????)
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