Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Entertainment ! :O)

You will just have to pardon me for posting yet another couple of videos of the Sunday entertainment in Spanish nursery! You may be asking" Is this the only child in the nursery??" No... But right now he is the one at the most entertaining age...

Another question you may be asking " Is Nana (that's me) caring for the children OR taking pictures???" My answer is BOTH ! If it is a quiet time where all the toddlers are playing nicely and the babies are happy I tend to pull out the camera. IF they are not, the camera gets left in the bag. We always have atleast two workers too, so I really am NOT shirking my job:O)

The ladies in this video are Isai's sister and mom

This 13 mo. old knows where his shoes are supposed to be ! What an adorable little guy!

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Candace said...

I like how he tosses his shoes at the end of the video. LOL