Monday, March 22, 2010

First Raw Foodies Get-together

Saturday noon Rebecca and Rachel hosted the FIRST (there WILL be more:O) )
Raw food get-together at Beck's since Rache was back from Indiana. It was so much fun. There were 5 of us that came. Beck, Rache and I have been eating this way for a while ( I am still new at it... the other girls have been "raw" for quite a while) April and Shannon were just kinda feeling it out... When most people think raw they just think.... SALADS....RAW fruits and Raw vegetables and that's all you get.... You DEFINATELY do eat a lot of the fruits and veggies BUT there is SO MUCH MORE to it....
This is Raw Lasagna
(no real noodles, meat or cheese.... BUT...Oh, SO yummy!!)
Sunflower seed Pata' with homemade flax crackers
Flax Pancakes
Sadly... I forgot to take a picture of the homemade ICE CREAM !!!
(I must have been oooo-ing and ahhhhh-ing over it too much to think about my camera:O))
I also made my zucchini snacks and my chocolate (go to the 2 latest posts before this one)
one of our hostesses in the kitchen
Sisters AND Hostesses!
( Thanks girls !! It was SO much fun !!!)
Beck and April
Shannon and me
We will have another one before long... YOU will have to come :O)
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. sarah . said...

I hope to! :) Looks like fun.