Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tazza Bella

Today was our January Red Hat Event we went to Tazza Bella in Mt. Pleasant.It is one of my favorite coffee shops! It also has amazing sandwiches too.
Because the weather was a little "iffy" there was only four of us.
Patricia with her FIRST digital camera she got for Christmas
The Best Panini I have ever eaten !!!
The decor is HALF the fun !!!

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Porters said...

That looks like a fun little place!I assume there are more pictures to come?

Porters said...

I guess I must have posted that comment when the rest of the pictures were loading or something-sorry! That panini looks DELICIOUS!

sis said...

That's pretty "uptown." Glad you friends could enjoy being together, plus atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

It was a fun day. I hope sometime we get to play the game we started to its entirety.
We should have loaded the picture with these of me taking your picture while I was taking yours……Fun, good times