Thursday, January 15, 2009

Homemade Bird Food

This morning on Ryan's break from school we made some homemade woodpecker food.
I found the recipe in my latest Birds and Blooms magazine. Here is the recipe.
Basic ingredients
taking turns adding the ingredients
I love the intense look here. Making sure he got a full cup

pouring it into the pan,
silly boys ready to put it in the freezer
When grandpa came home, he and Ryan went out and brought the baskets in
putting them back out
filling the birdfeeders for our HOGS !!
within about a half hour our first "customer"arrived.
He must have liked it. He stayed around a long time!
We hope he tells his friends :O)
A real reward for the boys. They cheered when they saw that he had come.

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Porters said...

This looks like a fun project! We may have to try this! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Coffee Bean said...

What a good grandma! I am so impressed!! Looks like they are having a good time and won't want to leave!

Anonymous said...

Speical memories. Glad you had this time to do fun things together.