Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mary and Asa's Wedding

Today was a VERY special day for Mary. It was a beautiful wedding.

This picture is out of order because once again I messed up BUT it is a VERY important picture SO you will just have to bear with me:O(

The girls visiting during a break from pictures
Such a happy bride

With her brothers

It was a cookie reception with just a small cake for them. I had never seen that before.

Dr Frier had cut down a lot of red cedar trees and they were in the reception hall. The fragrance was just incredible as you entered.

What a lovely winter wedding.

To see more pictures please visit my smugmug site.
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Anonymous said...

It looks like a lovely wedding and I am very happy for Mary.

sarah said...

I'm so happy for Mary! Thanks for the pictures. Such a beautiful wedding! I checked out the ones on Smugmug also. Great Photos!