Monday, January 19, 2009

Coffee Time :O)

This afternoon Dianne, Kelly,Beth and I went to Great Awakenings in Kalona for coffee. We really enjoy just relaxing, laughing and and visiting. Tamra is always such a good hostess !

Getting ready to "dig in"

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photozmom said...

Candace, Your comment got lost when I was editing the post. Yes, this is the Kalona coffee shop and I saw when I walked in the door yesterday that they are NOW open on Sundays. There is a drive thru too, so that should make it even easier to stop :O)

Candace said...

OH, COOL! Yes, that will make it easier...especially w/three little children! ;)

Anonymous said...

Glad you got some extra special time with Diane and each other.

Sarah said...

Looks like Mom is a regular social butterfly now. I've never known her to be having "coffee" with anyone. Then again raising and schooling all of us didn't allow her a lot of extra time so I'm glad she gets to do it now. =;)