Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Daughter

What can I say about this girl??? VERY expressive !!!! Saturday we were at Sarah and Steve's for our Moore Christmas(more blogs to come). In the afternoon we were just sitting around visiting (and ofcourse I had my camera in my hand) when Sarah started telling a story and as I was watching with every few words her expression was changing and it was so funny so I just started "shooting". She kept going on her story like she never noticed me taking picutres until right at the end and then she looked straight at me and said "MOM !!"
But by that time I had gotten all these cute pics to thought I would show you how entertaining a conversation with Sarah can be :O)

(You can click on the collage to make it bigger)
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Candace said...

Cute, Saundra! :)
(Don't ya luv Picasa 3!)

sis said...

I have heard it described as a "teacher's face." She's a natural! This is fantastic. I could use it with my students -- if I could get it to copy, but copying from your blog doesn't seem to work for me. :-(