Saturday, November 29, 2008

Washington's Christmas Parade

Last night was Washington's Annual Christmas Parade. Our church always has a part to promote the Christmas play. Myron and I met up with Ten and the boys and Beth and her boys. It was pretty chilly BUT I remember years a LOT colder ! It was a lot of fun!

Myron stayed pretty close to the building
Cal getting ready to ride on the float
Jerry was back and was able to be one of the Wisemen

Jon and Tiff are Mary and Joseph again this yr.
We are so glad because they did SUCH an amazing job last yr.
This is the first yr. for the Chafas to be involved.
We are so glad that they were finally able to move here.
Passing out fliers

This monkey is a movie star.
He was in Dr. Doolittle and his brother is Dexter from
Night in the Museum! What a cutie!
We have Camels this yr .They were a big hit last night !

For more pictures of the parade, go to


sarah said...

Wow, you're on a blogging roll! The parade looks like so much fun...I hated to miss it this year. The camel and monkey are so cool!

Anonymous said...

The parade looks like fun. Sorry I missed it but I am glad to see the picture.