Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Visiting the Painters

Sarah came down today to help Marian finish painting her new house.
Sarah....Being Sarah !!!

A very tired,EXCITED lady !!
I can't tell you how excited I am for them!!

The kids decided they wanted to pose for me

Amos ....

And Adam removing painter's tape from Mom and Dad's bedroom

The girls wanted me to take a few more pictures of them...

They posed themselves on another ladder

Sarah and the kids had to try out the bathtub

"this is the way we wash our hair......"

Anna wanted her picture alone with Sarah

Marian can't reach so she is having Sarah do the "high spots"


Allyson said...

The picture I like the best is Amos, Anna, Adam, and Abbie on the ladder. Does Anna always make that face when she washes her hair. I like their new house! :)

sis said...

Anyone needing a smile should just scroll through that bunch of pics. The one of everyone in the tub just makes joyful laughter bubble up!
Looks like an old-fashioned, but new fashioned "barn raising."

Anonymous said...

I love the bath tub picture as well. I am so happy for them.