Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Tradition.....Wed. Night

Our traditional Thanksgiving at the Moore house starts on Wed. night. As many as are able to get to my folks in time to go to church. Then after church we pick up a couple of pizzas and the party begins. Ususally all the beds are full and many sleep on the floor. This yr Nate and Ten were the only ones who arrived in time to go to church with GG and GPa. The rest of us got there as they were getting home from church. This year it was just Mark, MaryLynn and Ben, Nate, Ten and the boys, and Myron and I that spent the night.It was a great beginning of a wonderful Thanksgiving .

Sorry for the dirty windshield but had to show you the pretty sky
as we were driving on the NEW fairfield bypass!
The speed limit was 65 from our door step to Grimes. Only 2 3/4 hours now !!! WHOO HOOOO !

My folk's neighbors own a flower shop in Panora. We are NOT 100 % sure ( there was no card) but they are getting the credit for dropping off these beautiful flowers that were found in the breeze way when we got there Wed. night. They smelled so good.
Casey's is about our favorite when we are in Panora
Digging in....
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