Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hummingbirds, Again !

The hummingbirds have really been entertaining the last several days.
I KNOW we have had at least 10 swarming around at one time.
This evening Myron took the screen off of our living room window. The feeder was empty so we brought it in to fill it, but before we did, we filled a small red cup and I sat on our couch in the living room with my arm out the window. Within just a couple of minutes they came"investigating" and another minute or so one of the brave ones had a taste. Then they really started coming. For those of you on facebook I put on a video. I couldn't get it to load on here. Will try again....later ,BUT it was such a neat experience. Before I was finished, they were landing on my hand. They would also stick their beaks between my fingers too. Just SO MUCH FUN !!!
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Anonymous said...

Fun! I have seen pictures in Birds and Bloom before of others that have had this fun.