Sunday, July 19, 2009

Evening with the Hanna's

Saturday we went up to the Hanna's for the evening. Their van isn't working and "Dr. Myron" went to check it out. NOT good news! But, hopefully we will get it running for them!

Had a great supper and lots of great fellowship.

After supper we went outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather.
  • Travis was trying to tickle "Nana" with a weed.
  • Mom and Dad picking some yummy veggies for us to take home
  • Caleb with his very own corn
  • The family
  • Ally bringing me "flowers"
  • Ally with her chickens
  • The boys showing off the eggs they gathered
  • Trav on the glider
(remember you can click on the picture to enlarge it)

Caught this sunset reflection in the the garage window.... Beautiful!

"Thank you, Lord for your blessings on me"
Beautiful weather in mid-July, Amazing sunsets, and Wonderful friends!

Thanks for the wonderful evening Kevin and Candace!

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Candace said...

We had SUCH a great time w/you guys also! And you are SO right...praise the Lord for His blessings...and for giving us incredible friends! :)

Coffee Bean said...

I LOVE the garage sunset picture!! Looks like you had a good time!