Tuesday, June 30, 2009

" Coffee"

Since Myron and I have been eating healthy we have cut out ALL coffee.
To a coffee lover like me, that was a toughy! I found this that Hallelujah Acres recommended.
Honestly it is the BEST coffee substitute I have had!It is available in several different flavors too. NO, It's NOT as good as real coffee,but like Myron said
When you can't drink coffee this is just PRETTY GOOD STUFF !
I'm really glad that it is summer because I never drink as much coffee in the summer so I'm getting used to
not having it all the time but when it is cooler ( like today) and on Sundays, it is nice to have my
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Candace said...

Coffee...that WOULD be a toughy to give up!

Anonymous said...

I am glad for you that you found something to enjoy and I see by the package that is has NO Caffeine.