Friday, June 19, 2009

Showers of Blessings !?!?!

This afternoon Sarah, Bridget and I started out for a wedding rehearsal and were a little delayed( in God's wisdom) by a tire problem. We went to Iowa City to get it replaced and while there the guy told Sarah that another tire was REALLY bad and we would NOT make it to our destination with that tire. About 30 minutes later we were on the road and it started raining. THEN it started POURING !!!

We pulled off at the closest exit after having a couple times we couldn't see anything. The whole exit ramp was lined with cars all the way down to the stop sign!
traffic on I-80 almost at a stand still
Calling people to have them check radar online to see how far into the storm we were and how fast it was moving.
(Remember when you just had to wait and see)
Watching the storm

We commented several times how grateful we were to have found out about the other bad tire, instead of finding out the hard way.... Along the side of the road in a storm.
God is SOO GOOD !
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Cheri said...

Thanks for calling last night - glad you are safe. Love the comment about "the olden" days without cell phones. I'm sitting here imagining what that rain sounded like on the car - I miss those days. CA rain is pretty mild when we actually get some.

Bridget said...

The rain... wow i have never been in something like that before it was kinda scary.... I am just glad i was with two gals that i knew i would be safe with no matter what happened...

Anonymous said...

Penny and I were in that rain storm as well off the side of the road waiting it out on our way to CR around 4:30 or so. The van even got lift up a few times sort of side ways. Terrible storm but the LORD took care of us.