Monday, June 15, 2009

Marilyn's Surprise Birthday Party

Yesterday several of us got together to honor this VERY SPECIAL LADY !!!! Her birthday is not for a week or so but we decided to surprise her. You will notice ( for those of you that know Bro. John Christner) that he is in a very special place of honor, next to his fiance' !!
We are excited about their upcoming wedding in July!!The waiter brought our this sombrero as we sang "Happy Birthday"

Penny Jo decorated the cakes. They were so nice.

Wyatt very intent (and with his fork in his mouth !) on what he was doing. He folded that napkin into an very small square. He did really well for being the only one under 40 :O)
Steve is trying to say that his PILE of cake is Russ's.......
IT WAS HIS !!!!!

Happy Birthday Marilyn (Adopted Mom)
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Anonymous said...

Wonderful day and we got away with surprising her.
What a blessing she is to us.