Monday, May 18, 2009

My Hummingbirds

Today I have really enjoyed my hummers! I have enjoyed them in the past, but today I was "up close and personal" . In a magazine I was reading last night it had a piece about a lady that held her bird feeder while they ate. I decided to try it and it WORKED. Of course I don't have any pictures because I was alone, but If Myron is agreeable we will try it in the morning before he goes to work and HOPEFULLY I will have some pictures tomorrow. I did sit within an arm's distance from the feeder tonight and had up to 4 "humming" around me at a time. IT WAS SO NEAT !!! Look close at these pictures.... The closeup is the only picture with just one in it. Most of the time the second, third and maybe fourth bird is blurry but you can tell they are there.

Do you see the second one HERE.... right along side the other one. Almost looks like you have double vision :O)

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Porters said...

Micah would be your new best friend if he lived next to you! He just loves birds, and animals, and nature!

. sarah . said...

so cool mom!

SIS said...

Thanks for sharing! Modern cameras are fast, but it looks like hummingbirds are still miraculously FAST!

Anonymous said...

Brings back memories of when Michael and I used to do this on the deck. I will never forget the time that he held the feeder and they came and visited it but one decided to check out Michael’s nose and hair close and personal like. Funny!
I enjoyed the pictures.