Tuesday, May 12, 2009

After the Party,PARTY

After Dad's party some of the cousins went out to Nadine's for ANOTHER PARTY !! It's been a long time since I laughed till the tears were running down my cheeks. Lots of memories and stories as with any reunion! It was such a special time. The sad part was, as Nadine said, her dad would have LOVED all the craziness but of course after the day he had,he was probably asleep in his chair dreaming of all the memories that were made that day :O)

Little brother, Bernard kept interjecting comments as Karen was TRYING to tell a "TOUCHING" story !!!

Bro and sis in the middle and the in laws on either side
another cousin Berneil and husband Walt
stories and stories
lots of laughing.... Memories, Memories and MORE MEMORIES !
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Anonymous said...

I am always amazed on how much Myrons sister looks like him. glad the joy continued.