Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monday Morning

Monday morning after Dad Hoffert's Birthday party,the special family weekend continued. We had spent the night in the motel in Adair and in the morning went back out to Lyle and Nadine's to spend time with their kids home from South Carolina. Ken's car windows were not working right so after breakfast Lyle and Myron went out to the shop to see what the mechanics could do. THIS TWOSOME have worked together on projects for almost 40 yrs! Although it has been quite a while since they have had a chance to "team up" together on a project.
Lyle and Ken ( Katie's husband) worked on one side
Myron took on the other side
Doug (Kristi's boyfriend) and Lady supervised
It didn't take them half as long as expected. After a great lunch we headed home with a wonderful weekend FULL of GREAT memories! Thanks Nadine for all your hard work and great hostessing ALL WEEKEND !!!!

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Anonymous said...

What a blessing for them to have family do the work instead of a garage.