Thursday, March 5, 2009

Old Country Churches

A few days ago when coming home from town I saw these churches,less than two miles from my house and decided as soon as it warmed up I was going to have to come and take some pictures of them. Today was the day! It is such a wonderful day!!!

The lady across the road came over and asked if I would like to see the inside, so went on inside.
For those of you familiar with Lockridge,this mural was painted by the people from Signs and Wonders.
This church is less than a quarter mile away from the other one. Such pretty little old churches.

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. sarah . said...

pretty church and beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

Pretty day out it was 70 at lunch time outside unfortunately it is 80 inside in my department. pw

Porters said...

Great day to be outside!

tiff said...

yay you updated!

cool pics girl!