Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just Thinking....

...about my last four years. Most of you know I did real estate inspections for mortgage companies for four years. I really LOVED the work, BUT hated driving on bad roads in the winter, and even though I only worked about 10 days out of the month ( which I LOVED) it seemed to always conflict with something.Last July because of the high gas prices I quit my job. Today, I ran across some of my pictures from those years of criss crossing the state of Iowa and really started making me miss ONE of the biggest reasons I LOVED my job....The wildlife I saw and the scenery of our beautiful state. Another thing,the thing I miss Most(and don't have a picture of) is my monthly visits with my folks. I never got a picture of Mom and I in the car with the computer on my mom's lap, or her filling out the contact cards we left at the doors, or programing "Miss Guide" (the nickname Mom gave my GPS) now depending on how she was doing directing us,her name was either spelled Miss Guide OR Misguide !!! We did have some really wonderful times. I just can't believe we didn't take ANY pictures of US !!!
Here are just a few pictures that made my trips SO special.
The sea gulls in Montrose
Eagles in Keokuk

a goose family in Monticello
The walk around the Montecello park
Deer at Lake Panorama

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Candace said...

The pictures of the deer are amazing! Were you able to get close to them or did you zoom in on the deer for the photos?

photozmom said...

I had a good zoom. 12X. We were within a couple hundred yards.It was one of the highlights of my month!

Anonymous said...

Brother Russ would love the picture of the Buck but only if he had his rifle with him.
Thanks for sharing

tiff said...

i love the picture of the green path!

great photos!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed seeing the pictures again. Yes, I miss those monthly visits and trips and the hours we spent together in the car. You may just have to make a reunion trip this spring when things begin to get green. We could even let "Miss Guide" come along if she would co-operate.